Nurturing for a brighter future

The Future starts here

Children who are now attending preschools and early primary school will find, by the time they are entering the job market (2030 – 2045) a vastly different scenario then what we are seeing today. Automation, robots and artificial intelligence will have taken over most of the traditional jobs as we know them today. They are no steady carriers anymore. Technology and science will develop in such a pace that constantly upgrading and relearning will be the norm. Most available jobs in the future will be computer orientated. Carriers will be in science, technologies and developments.

Our Mission

Therefore, we are agreeing with professor Tshilidzi Marwala, vice-chancellor at UJ, that the two most important subjects in the future are a good foundation in English and mathematics, since this are the subject essential for programming, coding and science. Our mission is that we are focusing especially of these two subjects. We at IKs are not bound to the traditional ways of education only but keeping ourselves informed with the technologies advances as they are happening and also what futurists predicting about the future. Our program will accordingly be moulded.

The Pandemic

As we are currently going through the disrupting times of the great pandemic, many of our customers are doctors, nurses or working in the police force. These parents often have to work on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, we are offering part time nursing for Saturday and Sunday. Also, in future we will have the ability to take on children for the night for parents who have to do nightshift.

The Guidence

We are guided by Christian principles. Daily devotion and biblical education will remind us of every day that we are putting our trust and hope in our creator. We want to teach the children in God’s word and give them a kick start in Christian values.

Support & Respect

While there is a great drive for competitiveness between learners, there is the need that children are supporting each other and respect the different gifts of the next learner.
And also, to embrace diverse backgrounds and cultures of the fellow student.
It is our aim to lead our young ones to work in teams and helping each other. Also since bulling in schools is a big problems, children have to learn in a very young age of acceptance, tolerance and sharing.