Our Story

Mpho Mokhutshoane

I am a ECD practitioner. I started with working with kids in 2009. Since then, I attended various ECD courses to qualify as a ECD teacher. My diplomas allow me to teach up the grade R. I love to work with children and I’m passionate about to see them in the near future to become well educated as a future nurse, doctor, even president.

In March 2020 I lost my job as a ECD teacher when the lockdown hit South Africa. So, I decided to meet with my partners to open a day care to carry on nurturing small children and help learners with aftercare and home schooling to proceed with their education. I believe quality education is still inadequate in South Africa and it is there where I can make the difference.

A good education is the key to success.

Olwethu Mlamleli

I am an assistant and partner to Mpho. I started working with kids in 2017 as a practical for a school assignment. And in 2020 I started helping out as ECD educator at rise and shine until the lockdown hit South Africa. Locked up at the home I started teaching my nephew and my niece who where living with me as there where no day-care opened.

I then teamed up with my best friend Mpho hence she had 12 years’ experience in child education. We decided to implement our skills to nurture young children and to enhance their education.

One of my biggest strengths are numbers. I am doing the books for the creche and at the same time can help the aftercare children with math and English.

I love babies and working with children and I like them to grow in our creche and become successful in the school and later in their studies and occupations.

Kananelo Moleke

I joined Intelligent Kids in the beginning of July 2021 as a volunteer. I took part in teaching pre-school and aftercare children. I also helped around the house with cleaning and cooking. I also started posting on Facebook and Instagram to introduce our day-care to protentional clients. Through my hard work, dedication and determination I was offered a partnership in Intelligent Kids Day-care.

I love Children, and I am determent to nature and groom them, and make a difference in their lives. Since my mother also managed a day-care some time ago, I have some experience in the operation of creches.

As a partner I took over the media department. Social media and marketing are my strongest points. I believe that in this position is where I can contribute the most to IKs.

Michael Czech

When the lockdown started at the 27th of March 2020, we had our grandchildren at home. Since my daughter worked in the same day-care where my grandchildren attended, we decided that she is educating the kids at home. The money we paid for the day care for our two grandchildren she received. She was later when the lockdown eased, joint by her friend, a qualified ECD teacher.

In mid-July 2020, lockdown 3 of the pandemic, when the day care centres and schools opened again, we found that the day-care my grandchildren attended to was permanently closed.

There the decision was taken to open officially a day-care on our premises. Since I was studying the effects off the 4th industrial revolution it was decided that we don’t want to open an ordinary day-care centre, but one which is future orientated. To equip the children with the best possible chance to prepare them for future study and entrance in an unpredictable job market. More then ever a good quality education is needed the succeed in an uncertain future. I believe with Mpho, Kananelo and Olwethu we have just the perfect team to reach this goal.