Outing to Croc City

It is very important for children that they not only learn from books and Videos. But that whenever possible are introduced to the real world.

As an example the kids learned all about reptiles. After they where taught with pictures and videos in school they went on a outing to Croc City.

There they had an encounter with real reptiles.

Welcome to Croc City

This grumpy tenant doesn't seem to be happy to see the children on the other side of the fence

Teacher Mpho is explaining the childhood of a crocodile

The children not only seeing the animals in pictures and videos. Here they can feel the scales of the reptiles.

Inspecting the shell of a tortoise

Children are learning which reptiles are harmless, and which ones better to avoid

While known under the common name “turtle” in the english language there is a distinction between tortoise, turtle and terrapin. An early education will help children later in the school years.

Picture left: If you are not sure about the animal, it is better to observe from a safe place. This young lady on the table is taking the safe route.

chilling with a boa

There are a lot of myth about snakes. Here children get to know them. The importance of snakes in the nature, the role they play in our eco-system. 

 “God bless our KFC before we eat, amen”…. After the lessons food for the hungry ones.

Afterwards playing at the jungle gyms and kiddy rides