Services we offer

Full time

Fulltime: Monday to Friday

6:00h – 18:00h                                                R 1 200/month Babies 3-24 Month                                                                                                R    900/month 2-3 Years
                                                                        R    850/month 3-5 years and grade R

Included in this price are:

    • Breakfast, lunch and snacks in the afternoon are included.
    • There are no registration fees to be paid.
    • Also, we won’t force on you any kind of fundraising forms during the year.

Fulltime excludes Saturdays and Sundays

After care

Aftercare: Monday to Friday

13:00h – 18:00H                                             R 400/month

Aftercare includes helping with homework

Fulltime and Aftercare are excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Part time

Parttime: Per Day,

6:00h – 18:00h                                                R 100/day; R50/half day                    

Includes Saturday and Sundays        

(Fulltime and daily services include breakfast, lunch and snacks.)

The first 6 hours deemed to be half day, over 6 hours full day will be charged. Please note that any time before 6:00h and after 18:00h is R50/30min.

Assisting with Home Schooling

from grade 1 to 4. From R 1000/month.

Because of the pandemic which is disrupting our lives and especially the education system, it becomes more difficult for parents to enrol their children. Often home schooling is the last option parents have for their children. We are helping with home schooling from grade 1 to grade 4.


Assisting with English and Math

If your child has difficulties in Math and English, separate from assisting in homework, we offer extra lessons in these two subjects

for grade 1 to 4                                                                       R 50/hour

Computer Lessons

General Computer; Microsoft Office, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)     R 50/hour


Printing: Since many learners are making use of digital textbooks and other online learning material there is sometime need for printing. Please note that we do not have the funds to print out pages or even whole books out for free. This includes our aftercare and part time children, as well children we help with home schooling and extra lessons. 

Printout per page colour or grayscale.           R 2/page

Scanning PDF to stick or cell phone               R 1/page