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The Request

Intelligent Kids Day-care is a day-care, Preschool, and Aftercare facility to provide essential service to the community. There is still dire need for quality education especially in the under developed parts in Johannesburg. In order to deliver the standard needed to properly prepare children for entering grade one, and to help primary school children with homework and extra lessons in math and English.

Since many Parents lost their jobs through the pandemic, or have to live a vastly reduced salary, some of our children cannot attend school anymore. Also, many other children are unable to place their offspring in creches because they can’t afford the fees anymore.

To finance after care children to babies we need between R400 and R1300/ month per child. Many parents can’t afford the fees anymore. Your help is required in helping the children to get a solid foundation when entering grade 

Planting and Watering

The Situation

Since April 2020, when South Africa experienced the first lockdown, Covid 19 started to create havoc across communities, industries and therefore also the education system.

Since ECD (early childhood development) like day care centres and pre-schools, are usually paid for by parents and guardians, they are more affected by the lockdown then government teachers who are paid by the state.

Through the pandemic and the following lockdown people either lost their jobs or have to be content with a vastly reduced salary. Many people are now unable to pay for 0 to 6 year old for day-care or preschools.

We ourselves lost children because of Covid 19. Either parents don’t have the money to pay anymore or had to move away.

The challenge

Arts and Crafts


Besides the havoc Covit19 is creating, we are also facing the disruption of the 4thindustrial revolution. By the time our little ones grow up and enter the job market, many traditional jobs will be in decline or become obsolete. Most of the jobs in the future will be in the digital fields and in science. The currently ongoing pandemic won’t slow the development down, instead it will make it faster.

A good foundation in English is essential for children to enter grade 1.

The truth is that in South Africa, especially in poorer townships and the rural areas most of the children growing up in different mother tongues other than English. Often the first time a child is introduced to English is in grade one. Since math is also generally taught in English this will create a challenge for the child and the foundation in math is lost. 

We have to keep in mind that higher education, especially in Universities and Colleges the language of instruction is English. This also applies when the young person enters the job market. In most of the Occupations, English will be the language of communication. We also have to remember that by the time preschool children of today will reach the job market in the future, most of the manual and simple jobs will not exist anymore. 

It is therefore important for a child to attend an English medium day-care as early as possible. Latest with 2 years of age the child should start communicating in English. Also, the very basics of numbers should be taught before a child reaches grade one.

The situation we are facing now is made worse through the ongoing pandemic.

It causes a problem for parents and creches alike. Parents, in case both are still working, still need a day-care for their children. Also, many of them are single mothers. If the child stays at home they are unable to go to work or looking for a job. For the creches themselves are unable to provide service. Teachers and rent have to be paid. Also, food and learning material have to be provided for children.

Card Payment


For one aftercare child, 6 to 10 years old, (half day)


Helping one fulltime child/baby


For a child 2 to 6 years old, fulltime


For a baby 3 to 24 month old, fulltime

Custom Amount

Tip for Donations

For smaller amounts please use card payment or PayPal, es this results usually in less bank charges. For larger amounts EFT Is more favourable.

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Direct EFT Payments when in South Africa

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Intelligent Kids Daycare
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Where is your help needed?

As many children are losing out on preschool, and many parents facing the predicament either looking after their children and stay at home (without income) or sending their kids away to grandparents or other family members in order to find work, your donation towards the school fees is making it possible for parents to maintain their job or find new work. At the same time, you are also helping Intelligent Kids to survive and that the teachers can receive a salary.

We have the following option:

Full day children 3month – 24month: R 1300.- /month.
(Apr. $ 90 /month; € 75/month; CHF 80/month; ₤ 65/month)

Full day children 2years to 6 years: R 1000.- /month.
(Apr. $ 70 /month; € 60/month; CHF 60/month; ₤ 50/month)

After care children, half day, 6years to 10 years R 400.- /month.
(Apr. $ 25 /month; € 25/month; CHF 25/month; ₤ 20/month)

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